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About Sage Toons
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About Sage Toons. Who are we? Why are we? I wanna know!

Sage Toons started in September 25th, 2005. It started on the Eggman Empire: on the old forums. It became a great hit! After the great hit at EE, Sage Toons moved on up to get they're own site. Sure, it's not our domain, but one day soon, we will get our own domain. Anyways... What? You wanna know about the comic personaly? OK:

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                                    by "As EGGA staff, I got to choose my dorm and my roomates."

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                                    by "Hey, you told me Sage was a retard!"

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                                    by "WHAT?! Big monster? Poor english? Fire breath? I'm not a big huge monster you know!!"

Image Hosted by "It says here that the limited edition Choco-Hoff is a life sized chocolate figure of David Hasselhoff himself!"

Image Hosted by "And to think I trained you well, grasshopper. YOU FAIL!"

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                                    by "What in the name of Lindsy Lohan's wonder bra is going on around here?"

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-Sage Toons is based on a devious 3 tailed labradoodle dog who is a game maker at the Eggman Empire. Dr. Sage the devious 3 tailed labradoodle dog, Metal Knuckles' Big Brother the metal echidna, and Shadow 2099 the 2099th Shadow clone (and the only one who likes Eggman, and is not over obsest about FINDING THE TRUTH!). It started out with those three at first. The second season, Rose Fox appeared. And four was decided as the amount of people on the comic... But Four just didn't seem like enough, Which is where SFX came in. 5 was the perfict amount! And that is where it stops! But the adventures don't! Read on!

-Dr. Sage the devious 3 tailed labradoodle dog. Dr. Sage is the founder of Sage Toons and is the game maker at the Eggman Empire. Two months after he lost his first girlfriend unexpectingly, he wanted to create a comic for all to enjoy. A game maker and his roomates making it at the Eggman Empire. Dr. Sage (or Sage for short) doesn't like talking about his first girlfriend.

-Metal Knuckles Big Brother (or MKBB for short). A fan of Dr. Eggman, MKBB is one of Sage's closest friends. And he helped Sage try to make it at the Eggman Empire and other forums. Sage also like MKBB's art work which really got Dr. Eggman on the edge of his seat! Regardless of if it's about Eggman or not, everyone loves his work! That's why God made Photoshop!

-Shadow 2099 the Hedgehog/2099th Shadow clone. For those of you who have played Shadow the Hedgehog for Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2, there was a piece of his past revield. After the first Shadow who saved the Earth from the Final Hazard, he was killed. But another clone was released. Which was in the game. But a 2099th capsule was broken at one point which contained the 2099th Shadow clone. This one was not ready to be like the other Shadows. Obsesed with FINDING THE TRUTH and all that crap. Shadow 2099 (Shadow for short), is a novelist who spends time writing novels. He too has a close contact with Dr. Sage.

-Rose Fox. Rose is the only girl that NO ONE would want to mess with. And one foot note for ya: ROSE IS NOT SAGE'S GIRLFRIEND AND SAGE DOESN'T HAVE A CRUSH ON HER! They are just friends. What? Jerry and Elane on Seinfeld are just friends! Rose is very strong, rough, and whenever she makes a wise crack, Bill Engvall comes out of no where and annoys her. She made her first apperence on Sage Toons on the season finali of season 1. Rose simply cannot stand Fire Dorm's roomate, Ruggero Nega. Nega will try to earn Rose's love. But Rose will simpley just push him outta the way. Atta girl, Rose! Show no mercy!

-SFX the Hedgehog. While his origin is unknown, he runs on a robo suit that he found in the trash. This story is still in the process of working. But there is some things that can be told. He and Sage are pretty good friends. Obviously, he protects Sage from doing stupid things. More soon!

-The Ice Dorm. I know what your thinking: "WTF DOOD? R U LA-Z?". Well, let me explain. All my life, I have always wanted to live in a place where it was always cold. Seeing as im a Maineah! This Ice Dorm is a part of the Eggman Empire's new prototype of living called a "Very Elemental Dorm." There are many dorms in the EE such as the Ice Dorm, Fire Dorm, Gail Dorm, Water Dorm, Grass Dorm, etc... I know what you are ALSO thinking: "Y CANT JOU USE EARTHBOUND BACKGROUNDZ DOOD?" Yeah, I thought about that... Many sprite comics already do that already! This is outta the ordinary!

-Dr. Eggman. He is not a main charictor of Sage Toons. But the head master of the Eggman Empire! It is his job to maintain order upon the EE. If something is going on (or if Sage did somthing stupid again), it is his job to bring it back to order. And if he is wondering what is going on, he will use one of his famous Eggmanisms. "What in the name of David Blaines' stupid jackass stunts are you looking at? LOOK AT SOMTHING ELSE BESIDES ME! My awsome sexyness cannot be wasted by ugly slimeballs like you!"

-The Fire Dorm. From right to left order: Captain Ruggero, C.K., Ruggero Nega, and Ruggero DS. Dr. Sage's arch nemesis Capt. Ruggero and his dorm mates of the Fire Dorm dispises Sage and his guts. He too has a comic series that was said to knock the fur outta Sage called "EE Fire Dorm Comics." They're good comics, but people perferd Sage Toons. Which lead to competition which lead to rivelhood. The battle continues. And Ruggero Nega still hasn't earned Rose's love yet... Spoiler: They never marry!

-Dr. Joshbotnik. from the Gail Dorm, Sage's pesky negibor. The only way to get rid of him is to throw him out! He's a nice guy over all, and Sage's negibor that has his back.

More soon!